publish_homeInkwater's eye-catching covers, professional interior design, and multiple publishing options give authors an edge over the competition. We are rooted in the traditional art of book publishing, but embrace the technological advantages of the Digital Age.
market_homeIn an overcrowded marketplace, Inkwater’s customized marketing services enhance a book’s reputation and exposure with traditional and cutting edge strategies. Our professional services guide serious authors through new ways of navigating the modern world of story-telling.
edit_homeInkwater’s editing services polish the author’s writing and increase professionalism as the work is prepared for publication. We encourage every author to invest in professional editing. Utilization of editing services will give the published work credibility and additional marketability.

Author-friendly book publishing

Working in close collaboration with each author, Inwkater helps authors reach for their creative dreams. With decades of traditional and digital publishing experience and hundreds of successful titles published, Inkwater offers a "high touch" approach unique in the world of cookie-cutter online publishing. By focusing on authors' manuscripts, stories, illustrations, photographs -- the nuts and bolts of stories and texts -- and by staying current in the ever-evolving and technical world of book publishing, Inkwater offers authors an unparalleled publishing experience. Call us today to find out how Inkater can help you tell your story.



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